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"I really appreciate your follow up to the questions I raised at last night's PD. It's obvious Rob & you really care about where PE is heading enough to give up so much of your own time."

MOMENTUM - Professional learning for the new VCE Physical Education UNITS 3&4

Monday December 4, 2017

Come along, contribute, share, collaborate to develop a range of teaching plans, resources and assessment ideas for the new VCE Physical Education Units 3 & 4. All presentations and resources developed on the day will be shared with all participants.


VCE PE Unit 1&2 SACs

26 Feb 2017 10:42 AM

Take all of the stress out of planning assessment tasks for the new PE course starting next year and enjoy your holidays. These will be available in word format so teachers can easily include their own school logo, teacher details, etc as well as make any adjustments deemed appropriate.



(i)School Assessed Coursework (SACs) tasks covering all outcomes. Available in “Word” format to be run off “as is” or easily adapted to suit teacher/student needs – you can cut ‘n’ paste, add, etc….

 (ii) Laboratory Reports; Case Studies; Data Analysis tasks; Media Analysis tasks; Tests(Structured Questions) all written to include latest information on key areas such as Physical Activity  Assessment, Promotion and Settings; the Social Ecological Model; LIP; Fatigue & Recovery mechanisms; Physiological & Psychological Performance Enhancement, etc..

 (iii) Peace of mind knowing SACs are designed to be used in conjunction with the Assessment Guide/ Performance Descriptors  produced by VCAA

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