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"I'm emailing you to let you know my son came home after attending your session with newfound purpose and enthusiasm. I can't thank you enough."


Friday Feb 23, 2018

Discovery 2018 gives teachers from primary, secondary and special schools the opportunity to choose from 40 high quality elective workshops

2014 Student Exam Revision Sessions

2017 Student Exam Revision Sessions

Coming to a venue near you.......

The revision program will be presented by Robert Malpeli & Dr Amanda Telford along with guest presenters who are all authors, experienced teachers or exam markers

 Click here to access information and registration details

Maximum student interaction will be encouraged.

Every exam area will be covered with sample questions discussed.

Exam technique and question analysis will be covered

All participants receive a comprehensive set of full colour notes.

All aspects of the course likely to be examined will be covered with advice provided on:

  • Assessing  physical activity & sedentary behaviour
  • Physical activity and the social-ecological model
  • Promoting physical activity
  • Acute responses to exercise
  • Foods, fuels and energy systems
  • Fatigue mechanisms and recovery strategies
  • Fitness components used in sports
  • Data collection & activity analysis
  • Assessment of fitness
  • Fitness training methods & principles
  • Chronic training adaptations
  • Performance enhancement – physiological, psychological dietary & other considerations
  • Legal & Illegal performance enhancement
  • Anti-doping codes & practices