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"Thanks for flying all the way to Mildura to help us. Sometimes we feel as we have been forgotten about. Looking forward to seeing some of your on-line stuff."


Friday March 13, 2020

The Discovery conference entering it’s second decade in 2020 is the ultimate professional learning event in Melbourne focusing on innovative & evidence-based practice for teaching primary & secondary students in Health, Physical Education & Sport.

2018 Student Exam Revision Sessions

2018 Student Exam Revision Sessions

Coming to a venue near you.......

The revision program will be presented by Robert Malpeli along with guest presenters who are all authors, experienced teachers or exam markers.

Maximum student interaction will be encouraged.

Every exam area will be covered with sample questions discussed.

Exam technique and question analysis will be covered. 


All participants receive a comprehensive set of notes.

All aspects of the course likely to be examined will be covered with advice provided on:

  • Characteristics of Skills and Stages of Learning
  • Improving Skills
  • Biomechanics - Kinetic concepts
  • Biomechanics – Kinematic Concepts & Equilibrium
  • Acute responses to exercise
  • Energy Systems interplay to produce ATP & movement
  • Energy system fatigue and recovery mechanisms
  • Fitness components used is sports & activities
  • Assessment of Fitness
  • Activity analysis in sports
  • Training program methods & principles
  • Training Program methods
  • Training program planning, implementation & evaluation
  • Chronic Adaptations to training
  • Psychological ways to enhance performance & recovery