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Peak for teachers

Peak Phys Ed is recognised as a significant driver of improved HPE teaching and learning.

It provides professional learning and growth opportunities to educators.

Resources for teachers

Looking for additional resources to take your teaching to the next level? 

Explore what Peak Phys Ed has to offer below.


Developing and sharing a range of resources teachers use to expand their ‘teaching toolkit’

Latest updates

and newsletters

Close co-operation with State curriculum authorities in keeping HPE communities up to date with study specific notifications and learnings


Delivery of innovative, tailored and evidence based professional learning


Creative and creating opportunities for teachers to collaborate at conferences or ‘own school, in-house’ sessions

What teachers are saying about Peak

Thank you Amanda and Rob for your ongoing commitment to help teachers in our area to improve student outcomes. Your resources and PD sessions are by far the best ones I have attended and I encourage as many of my faculty to attend them as possible knowing the difference it will make within our school.

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Peak Website Kick off_-.png
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