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Professional Learning


For the new VCE Physical Education Units 1-4 and VCE Health and Human Development Units 3&4 - Study Designs 2025
Thursday 15 August 2024
Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) 




New study designs commence in 2025 for VCE Physical Education and VCE Health and Human Development. This whole day professional learning workshop will provide both new and experienced teachers a great opportunity to come together, collaborate and engage in lots of forward thinking in preparation for 2025. We have used this highly interactive format across previous professional learning conferences, workshops and events with great success, allowing teachers to walk away with a huge bank of ideas, resources and contacts. Every participant will have an opportunity to roll up their sleeves and contribute to the development of key content teaching ideas, classroom and practical activities and assessment tasks.


Come along, contribute, share and collaborate to develop a range of teaching plans, resources and assessment ideas for the new VCE Physical Education Units 1-4 and VCE Health and Human Development Units 3&4. All presentations and resources presented and developed on the day will be shared with all participants meaning you will get off to an incredible start to your preparations for the new study design to be implemented in 2025.



Each of the five presenters/facilitators have extensive experience teaching VCE PE/ HHD, developing VCE resources and assessments tasks (SACS and exams) and VCE study design development.

• Chris Clark (Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority)

• Rob Malpeli (Peak Phys Ed)

• Dr Amanda Telford (Peak Phys Ed)

• Monique Sharp (Melbourne Girls Grammar School)

• Ashley Mills (Iona College)



• Choose from 3 parallel high quality VCE Streams including 45–70 minute interactive workshop sessions

• Access sessions tailored to the new 2025 VCE study designs

• Access 5 dynamic and highly experienced presenters

• Participate in sessions within world class function rooms (MCG)

• Access magnificent catering

• Gain access to all electronic materials from the workshop

• Exclusive ‘first-look’ at Nelson page proofs, digital resources and teaching plans

Full program with several registration & payment options AVAILABLE NOW!

  • Instant Registration - Click Here or complete registration and submit via email, If you wish to be invoiced, simply use the code 'INVOICE' at checkout,  or.......

To make your life easier, simply send your details to 
(include your name, school, order number and 2 elective prefs for each session - e.g. A1,A5,B3,B6,C2,C8 and D3,D1). NOTE - SCHOOL ORDER NUMBERS MUST ACCOMPANY ALL SCHOOL REGISTRATIONS.

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