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1. TUES FEB 13th : Skill Acquisition

2. TUES MAR 5th : Biomechanics

3. THURS MAR 28th : Acute Responses to Exercise & Oxygen

4. TUES APR 30th : Energy Systems

5. TUES MAY 21st : Fatigue & Recovery Mechanisms

6. TUES JUN 11th : Activity Analysis, Fitness Components & Assessment

7. TUES JULY 16th : Training Methods

8. TUES JULY 30th : Training Principles

9. TUES AUG 20th : Planning, Designing and Evaluating Training


10. TUES SEPT 3rd ; Chronic Training Adaptations


(i) Unit 3 Mid Year Exam (ii) Unit 4 End-of-Year Exam

Personal Best for PE

Each ZOOM webinar will be presented by Rob Malpeli who is a highly experienced senior P.E. educator, VCAA assessor and author across multiple States. Every  team member/attendee will be able to ask questions at each live webinar they attend and receive expert advice on how to apply key knowledge to SAC and exam style questions. More importantly, learnings will be full of real world examples with guaranteed ‘lightbulb’ moments!


Sign up NOW to receive notes and login details 24hr prior to each scheduled webinar.

If you miss any of the sessions, recordings and notes from previous webinars will be made available.


COST for all 10 webinars = ONLY $50

(That’s right, $5 each!!) and added value with the bonus Unit 3 and Unit 4 exams!


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