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Presenter : Rob Malpeli

Rob is ready to take your PE students through a “Workout” via a 2-3 hour fully customisable session that will include extensive notes, plenty of opportunities to clarify content understanding with application and exam style questions.

Rob will travel to your school (face2face or webinar options) and cover :

Your 'wish-list' of key knowledge / content

Customisable - How?

  • Select when the session runs : during school; after school; lunchtime and adjoining class or mid-year break (popular option)

  • Select the duration : 2 - 3 hours

  • Select the focus : cover all key areas; focus more on one; spend more time on Q & A and application, etc

"Hi Rob,

The last masterclass on biomechanics really helped clarify a few grey areas for my students and the application questions showed them where they need to go with their SACs.  For the next masterclass, I'd love the focus to be on:

  • Energy Systems / Interplay and Fuel Utilisation – A deeper dive please in to this. Ultimately, this is what I’d like the crux of the session to be about, then of course linking to fatiguing factors H+ / by-products etc of each of the energy systems.


Please let me know if you would like any more detail?

I will get the students to have some prepared questions too."  Sarah B (teacher)

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Thank you Amanda and Rob for your ongoing commitment to help teachers in our area to improve student outcomes. Your resources and PD sessions are by far the best ones I have attended and I encourage as many of my faculty to attend them as possible knowing the difference it will make within our school.

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