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About Peak Phys Ed

Peak Phys Ed is the ‘go to’ organisation when it comes to innovation and excellence in health and physical education for both teachers and their students. We strive to empower teachers with cutting edge teaching and learning strategies, resources and professional learning opportunities whilst supporting their students with digital resources, notes and real world learning engagement.

Our Mission

To promote innovation and excellence within physical education communities through the provision of exemplary teaching and learning opportunities and resources.

Our Goals


To empower teachers with cutting edge teaching and learning opportunities.


Provide supported and scholarship places for students undergoing hardship.


Foster an appreciation for the role life-long physical activity plays in bringing about positive outcomes and well being.


Link physical and health education communities to facilitate powerful information and resource sharing opportunities.


Mentor leading teachers and students in an effort to build leadership capacity across the physical and health education fields.

Meet the team


Robert Malpeli

Rob Malpeli has been a leading light in senior Physical Education for more than 30 years, and his many texts and resources are used across various Australian states and New Zealand. He runs one of the largest Physical Education teacher networks in Australia and continually supports both teachers and students with cutting-edge information at professional development sessions and seminars. Rob was a member of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) review board over an 8 year period that developed the study design for VCE Physical Education, and has held leadership and support roles as State Chairperson, exam assessor and study consultant. He has co-authored more than 35 Health and Physical Education textbooks used throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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Dr Amanda Telford (PhD) 

Amanda is the Co-founder and Co-director of Peak Phys Ed. Amanda is a former secondary HPE teacher and Head of Department and a multi-award-winning author, teacher, and researcher.  She has a keen interest and passion for teaching and learning and over two decades experience in Tertiary Education having held a range of senior leadership roles. Amanda has been an expert advisor for state and commonwealth governments in the areas of physical activity and physical education. Amanda has also been a VCAA examiner and has been on several study design panels for the VCAA.  Amanda was involved in the development of the Australian physical activity guidelines for Australian Children and youth. Amanda has extensive experience in instrument development having developed the Children’s Leisure Activities Study Survey (CLASS) instrument used in over 25 countries around the world to assess children’s physical activity and sedentary behaviour. She has strong links with industry and has been the conference director of the Discovery Conference run by Peak Phys Ed for over a decade. Amanda has over co-authored over 100 publications including over 45 Health and physical education textbooks for primary and secondary teachers and students. For more information about Amanda see LinkedIn

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