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Peak for students

Peak Phys Ed provides students with a range of support options to enable them to reach their potential.

Resources for students

Looking for additional resources to take your learning to the next level? 

Explore what Peak Phys Ed has to offer below.

New resources coming soon with access to the below.


Digital resources aimed at supplementing existing knowledge

Exam prep

Exam preparation, revision and application sessions


Online webinars to clarify key knowledge, develop key skills and encourage application to real world settings


Regular Q & A and discussion forums to promote a sense of community & connectedness

What students are saying about Peak

I was just emailing to say a massive thank-you for all the time, effort and resources you gave to the VCE PE community this year. I managed to score a 50 in PE, but I never could have progressed so far - especially in the year that we had - without tuning into all of your lectures and working through all the amazing revision resources you made available, so thank-you again.


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