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Friday March 1, 2019

The Discovery conference is the ultimate professional learning event in Melbourne focusing on innovative and evidencebased practice for teaching primary and secondary students in Health, Physical and Sport Education.

FREE Unit 3 VCE PE "Test Yourself" Practice Exam

FREE Unit 3 VCE PE "Test Yourself" Practice Exam

Now that you have finished VCE Physical education Unit 3, why not have a go at testing your undertsanding and application? This practice exam only covers Unit 3 content and contains both multiple choice and short answer questions like those you'll be getting in the end of year exam.

The beauty of this "Test Yourself" practice exam is that you receive immediate feedback and suggested answers. Please allow 60 - 70 minutes to complete this task. Once you've finished, have a go at the content specific modules to fine tune your application.

Good Luck!

Let's get started!